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Why book Temperament Based
Leadership Workshop?

Learn how to leverage Temperament Assessment to enhance Business Success

Small businesses face a myriad of challenges that can impede productivity, growth and success. At Rhonda Giraudy LLC, we provide Management Training Workshops to help leaders unleash full potential for business success.

Workshop Agenda

The Temperament Based Leadership Workshop aims to help team leaders  leverage insights of how the four temperaments: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic impact performance and utilize this knowledge to enhance productivity



​Introduction to Temperament Theory



90 minutes per session

One session per Week


Examining How Temperament Impacts Performance



90 Minutes per Session

One Session per week


Leveraging Insights to Enhance Leadership Skills and Improve Teams' Productivity.



90 Minutes per session

One session per week

Trainer's Background

As a Certified Professional Coach, with over two decades of experience in customer care, project management, and leadership positions, I am uniquely positioned to deliver impactful and insightful training sessions. My track record in Community Engagement and Leadership, will prove invaluable in helping your management team thrive. 

How will your Business Benefit?

1. Enhanced Leadership Skills:

Equip your management team with a deeper understanding of their own leadership styles and those of their team members.


2. Improved Communication:

Foster a workplace culture where communication is tailored to individual temperaments, reducing conflicts and misunderstandings.


3. Effective Hiring and Training:

Streamline the hiring and training process by considering temperament traits, resulting in better-suited candidates and more effective training programs.


4. Positive Impact on Business Reputation:

Showcase your commitment to employee development, contributing to a positive company image in the community.


5. Increased Productivity and Profitability


We understand that budget considerations are crucial in making decisions for professional development. Our goal is to provide valuable training at competitive rates. The pricing for the "Temperament-Based Leadership" workshop is structured to accommodate the duration, depth, and transformative impact of the session.

Customization Options

We understand that each organization has unique requirements. We offer customization options to tailor the workshop content to align seamlessly with your business objectives and the specific needs of your management team. Please contact us for a personalized quote based on your customization preferences.

According to Forbes - based on aggregated data from research done for  past four decades, 3 of the main challenges faced by small business owners include:

  1. Talent Acquisition and Retention

  2. Increasing Productivity and Reducing Cost

  3. Weak Sales

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